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Why Hire a Translator?

Many people believe themselves able to translate or to evaluate a translation.
They do not, however, consider that good knowledge of the foreign language alone does not suffice in order to translate a text.
Someone with a degree in translation acquired at his/her university the skills needed to translate technical and general texts. As a student, the translator was brought into contact with the different cultures of the foreign countries and learnt that, although words are important to the meaning of a sentence/text, cultural and technical conventions also play a significant part.
Holders of a university degree in translation are experts who carry out their tasks professionally and whose translations are of the highest quality.
If a layperson tries to translate a text or if
translation programmes are used, the result can be fatal; with a mere glance in a manual you can recognize whether an expert has done the translation or not.
No company wants to make itself look ridiculous in such a way. Nor is it a good marketing strategy to have such unusable translations which in many cases are incomprehensible.Thus hiring an expert, i.e. a translator, is a an absolute must for translations of manuals and other texts